So you are probably wondering what I am talking about? When you see the words “factory farming” what comes to mind? Get as many in as possible, left fighting for food, development not occurring in a natural process but rather forced, and the turnover is quick…well to me that’s what comes to mind. Over the past eight years (my time actively involved) I have noticed a drastic change in the health and fitness industry, one that matches the description of factory farming. It is far from pretty and positive, which is where we would have liked it to be. We are trying to be more active or increase activity levels of people throughout the world to prevent the number of health related issues arising with inactivity….

Well at least you would think we are doing that, but it seems the employees in these farms have been indocrinated and turned into zombies that they to have become part of the problem. If you have not figured out what I am talking about by now then you are probably on your way to being converted into THEIR zombies… I am talking about gym owners and their trainers, institutions, businesses selling and promoting health & fitness. Now when I mention gyms I am talking about franchise gyms, that pop up faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

We are trying to tackle a massive health problem with incompetent employees (trainers & educators), caused by money hungry businesses (factory farm owners) that drive a quick turnover of qualifications because….DING DING DING money in the bank. To hell with what happens after they leave here, you paid in full well done and best of luck. With the quick turnover of two weekends in some cases of “practical” training you are sent off to start being responsible for others lives… the worst part is big gyms offer their own training & education programs that new aspiring trainers can go through, of course for X amount of money. They then have to spend X amount of time with trainers within in the same building, who went through the same process… can you see whats happening here, one big CYCLE OF SHIT.

I must hand it to these owners though, they are getting very large pockets….but with money being at the top of their list, the competition between rival gyms become so fierce that the magnitude of their stupidity to out do one and other shows in their programs, training, and coaching styles. Sometimes I feel Stevie Wonder would still have better vision than most people at the root of these problems. If you got this far in reading and are slightly agitated by all of what is said, then you need to stop now slap yourself and hopefully you wake up and see exactly what’s going on. Now it can be tough for trainers because they get clients coming in and want things to be “exciting”… but here is the problem they do not have sufficient education to explain to their clients there is a process involved in training and adaptations do not happen over night or how you think it should be.

We are in the “siri generation” or what I like to call “3 click trainers & coaches”, they can read anything online (like this) or ask siri and boom they have all the answers and it’s the truth. This is where education comes into play, and by education i'm talking about the ability to identify a credible source vs a swayed opinion for self gain. This applies back to the owners, if they have not been educated to identify the good from the bad then you are fighting a loosing battle. Because this lack of education trickles down the pecking order within large businesses and franchises. It’s a snowball effect, where one bad action/decision leads to the next bad action/decision, and the next. So often when there is a bad reputation associated to a business, I am asking questions regarding the person hiring people, not the ones being hired.

Now I have only highlighted how I see the health & fitness industry, and whats’s happening with the masses. There are some amazing work been done out there in private gyms, trainers, institutions, and business promoting health & fitness. These are actually smart people because they asking questions and being guided towards credible sources that will help them and benefit the people they work with. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT, following only gets you so far. Create your own journey not one that is planned by someone who doesn’t even know your story, because that’s exactly what it will be…their story & journey driven by you. No one will know who you are…after all you are #7648 clock in & clock out…SHIFT OVER.

Take away Points:

• Do not be afraid to question something if you feel it is not correct. If you are not sure ask someone who you believe has more knowledge in the area.

• It does not hurt to ask, “pride comes before the fall”.

• Make sure you are not just an ID number, and your employer knows exactly who you are, and YOUR story.

• STOP chasing money, be passionate about what you do and serious about helping others and the rest will happen.



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