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Our Mission

CS Performance is a strength and conditioning provider for maximizing human performance effectively and efficiently through evidence-based research and practice.


The basic principles of CS Performance are ensuring fluidity of human movement which will enhance performance and minimize the risk of injury. We apply programming methods that will address both strengths and weaknesses for your desired athletic outcome, but more importantly increase your rate, and speed of force production ensuring a more powerful athlete. 


CS Performance prides itself on producing world class athletes and champions. However, with this comes hard work, dedication, and consistency which is non-negotiable. We welcome everyone from all walks of life as long as you can keep up your end of the deal, because we can assure you,  will keep up ours. 


Sunesh Singh

Sports & Mental Performance Coach

Sunesh Singh knows the value of hard work and mental strength, and he makes sure the athletes he works with know it too.

Since relocating from South Africa in 2001, Singh has made a name for himself as one of the top, if not the top, strength and conditioning coaches in the country. But it's not just the physical side of sport that Singh helps the athletes with, but the mental too. It's something he's learned the value of first hand.

Ever since he moved to New Zealand he's been taking his opportunities as they presented themselves. In 2013, he began working with Adesanya. It was his first job with an elite level athlete and from there his client list has snowballed.

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