"I've been working with Sunz Singh, so that's all him. We've been doing Olympic lifting, heaps of explosive stuff, throwing around medicine balls, cleans and jerks. Stuff like that.

UFC Middleweight Champion



Pro Athlete

Sunz was an integral part of my summer training program in the off season. I’ve worked with many knowledgeable trainers over my career but what I appreciated most about Sunz was his relate-ability and heart for people.



Pro Rugby

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to be coached by Coach Sunz over the past 6 months and I can safely say this is the best I have felt during my career.



UFC Flyweight Contender

I have been training with Coach Sunz for the past 5 months and have been loving it. Sunz is a very switched on coach and trains me in a way, which is very sports specific.



Professional Basketball

I approached Sunz to help me with an off season conditioning program for basketball. I wanted to be trained specifically by him as I had seen the work and results he had achieved with numerous elite athletes over the years.



Professional Netball

Having had many high performance trainers throughout my career, I hadn't met someone as unique as Sunz. Straight away his actions spoke volumes and I had this overwhelming feeling of confidence that going forward I was going to be a better athlete than I was before I had surgery.



Professional Football

My goals were to be the most powerful I had ever been, while maintaining lean muscle mass, as in my sport of football, that is quite important. With that in mind. Sunz put me through 6 weeks of detailed, planned, and intense sessions that have got me to one of my best physical shapes so far in my career.



Professional Football

I trained with Sunz for my offseason in Novermber ’17- January ’18.  I’ve worked with a lot of coaches/trainers during my career but none have been as enjoyable, challenging or produced results like I got with Sunz.



Professional Rugby

Thank you Coach Sunz for your professionalism, your knowledge, your attention to detail, and the environment you created to help me achieve something I contemplated giving away.



NZ development, Japan Pearls 7s team, Auckland 7s and 15s

I had the privilege of attending Coach Sunz speed sessions during my rugby season, His approach to performance is unique. It is always clear that the expectation is to show up and work hard, but his approach makes it enjoyable and fills your cup at the same time. I am immensely grateful for the skill he has provided me to add to my toolbox and hope to work with him again in the future.



Black Ferns 7’s & Counties Manukau 15’S 

Coach Sunz was an absolute pleasure to work with. His Genuine passion for what he does was undeniable, and his in-depth knowledge is world class. Always Diligent, always bringing the energy, always open to different schedules. I’m very thankful to have joined forces not only with a good coach, but a good guy as well.


Black Ferns 7’s & 15’s & Auckland 15’S

Coach Sunz was highly recommended when I was looking for someone to help me out with my speed and power during the 15s season. His knowledge is top notch, he has the ability to adapt to athletes of different sporting backgrounds and his energy is always high which makes him amazing to work with.



Womens Boxing

I started working with Sunz just over a year ago as part of my prep for Commonwealth Games selections. He came highly recommended by a friend and I had seen him in the gym and heard nothing but praise come from those who trained with him.



Professional Hockey

Sunz has so much knowledge and wisdom to share with any athlete and I always have so much to take away from every moment together. His discipline, and attitude to training is always at such a high standard.



Professional Football

I’ve been with Sunz for over a year now and he is an expert at his craft and knows what exercises, and how to execute them differently based on the sport of the athlete.



Professional Rugby League

I had the privilege of training with Coach Sunz for 6 weeks during the 2018-2019 off season, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.



Pro Athlete

Sunz was an integral part of my summer training program in the off season. I’ve worked with many knowledgeable trainers over my career but what I appreciated most about Sunz was his relate-ability and heart for people.



Professional Football

Coach Sunz level of thoroughness along with his expertise enabled me to train at a high level without any risk. Coach Sunz was also able to tweak my sessions based on how I was feeling and from what he observed.



Professional Football

The energy Sunz carries in his work creates an environment for us athletes to enjoy the work we do, while still pushing ourselves to the limits. 

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